Create Your Facebook Ad


This blog is a step by step tutorial on how to....

  • login to Novelty,
  • how to link your Facebook business account,
  • and finally how to create a Facebook Ad using one of your Etsy products. 

You will need to authenticate your Etsy account.

Login to in your browser.

Click "Allow Access"


Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 11.47.22 AM.png


After authenticating, you'll land on the Dashboard. The Dashboard is where you'll see Etsy shop information, Facebook account information along with any recent ads that you've created.

The first thing you'll want to do before creating an Ad is link your Facebook Business account. To do that, click on the "LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK" button. That will take you through the Facebook Login flow. 

After you've logged in with Facebook, link your business page by selecting a page from the list of available accounts. 

We're ready to start creating Ads! First, click on the Listings menu item on the left toolbar. This will load all of your Active Etsy Listings. Wait patiently, as this might take a second to load. 


Click on the Facebook Icon located on the right hand side of your Etsy Listing. Select the "Advertise on Facebook" option. 


The Ad Mockup is where you can modify your product description and titles. You can also supply a custom Ad Message. Remember to click the "Refresh" button every time you make a change. You don't have to refresh but in order to make sure it looks correct on the ad mockup, you'll need to.


Click on the Ad Settings Button in the top right hand corner of the Ad Mockup. This will take you to the Ad Settings. Ad settings describe your target audience, budget, and schedule. If you're confused about Ad settings, you can read more about them here

Click the Refresh button in the bottom right-hand corner to calculate your Estimated Reach.

Once you're satisfied, click the "Create Ad" button. All ads are PENDING_REVIEW by default. Facebook will need to approve the ad, usually within ten minutes or so. After Facebook has approved the ad the Ad will be set to PAUSED so that you do not incur charges without proper approval. Go back to the Dashboard to unpause and toggle the button on the lower right hand side of your Ad.



That's it! You've successfully created your first Ad! You can see your ads by going back to the Dashboard page, and looking under the "Recent Ads" section. Here you can gather important metrics like Impressions, Clicks and Target Audience.